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The Architect

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

“Daughter, I know you. You are an image bearer of my beauty, a reflection of me on this earth. You are purposed and positioned to make me known. I see where you are. You are not forgotten. I know where I am leading you. Let me tell you who you are so that you can do what your heart yearns to do.”

Since moving to the Seacoast of New Hampshire I have seen many incredible views and

have found a number of areas that I frequently drive thru to admire the scenery, while enjoying an iced coffee, and listening to music loud enough to drown out my toddler. One of my favorite places to sneak away to is lined with gigantic, stunning homes that make my house hunting-self drool. These houses all have unique qualities yet many possess similarities that never get old. I love the homes with the huge pillars in the front. Sometimes, you will see a home with two out front, one on each side of the front of the house. Others will have three going across the front. Many houses have pillars, yet they come in all different sizes, shapes, and materials. To me homes with these pillars just seem majestic and like they have a story to tell. I often wonder who owns that house. What are they like? Is there a family inside? I have to fight the urge to knock on the door and ask for a peek! The beauty just draws me in. It’s powerful, and I would dare say somewhat divine. These pillars are ornate. They cause you to look twice and gaze upon the beauty of the architecture. However, these pillars are not merely decorative, they serve a purpose. Pillars offer strength to a structure. Without them the structure wouldn’t stand. If somehow you could get the structure to stand, it would be weak and susceptible to caving in.

In Psalm 144 David needs rescuing. He recognizes that the enemy is hot on his heels and

that they are seeking to deceive and then destroy the king. He cries out to the Lord for help. He needs strength and he needs to be rescued. Verse 12 says, “THEN our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace.” This statement shows us, that David recognized that there was a lot on the line, that if he was destroyed it would impact all of Israel. He knew that once a rescue was made, then his people would thrive.

I love that daughters are described as pillars carved to adorn the palace. The word

carved, proves the intentionality used in making the pillars. The word adorn insinuates the beauty these pillars possess. This scripture paints a beautiful picture of beauty and purpose coming together in a woman. This combination is powerful. This combination is a reflection of majesty and mystery. This combination that is placed inside a woman causes people to look twice. You beautiful one, are a pillar… full of beauty and strength. Crucial to what God is doing on the earth as he continues to construct his church.

You know those moments where you feel like you have crossed the line too many

times? Maybe you feel inadequate? Maybe you hate what you see in the mirror? Maybe you have made choices that reaped extreme consequences? First of all, even the best of women have moments that they feel like this and things in their lives they aren’t proud of. FRET NOT,

because the beauty is in the rescue.

When God looked on his creation sin ridden and headed for ultimate destruction his

heart ached to see them become all he intended for them to be from the beginning of time. He knew that the sin pattern would continue to take out the ones that he loved and he knew that eventually the ultimate sacrifice would have to be made. Enter Jesus… the one and the only picture of perfection, who took on human form. Who endured testing and trials. Who had good days and bad days. Who was rejected and abandoned. Then in the greatest act of love ever made, He was willingly mocked, beaten, and hung on a cross to put an end to the patterns of destruction that the children of God were thrust into. He paid the debt that they owed and defeated death the moment He rose on the third day!

His death has given you forgiveness. His sacrifice has solidified not only your eternity but

also your earthly identity. He traded His life for yours! Therefore, whether we know it or not

Christ lives in us, and because of that we are pillars. We are pillars that tell a story, of an

amazing God who not only loves us in word, but also, in deed. We are pillars that are being used to hold up a portion of the Kingdom of God.

You are an anointed pillar with an identity that screams security. Not because you are great

or you do it all right, but because the ultimate sacrifice has been paid for your life. I believe that if you are reading this God is calling you out! He is calling you out of your fear, out of sin, out of depression, out of rejection. He is saying, “Daughter, I know you. You are an image bearer of my beauty, a reflection of me on this earth. You are purposed and positioned to make me known. I see where you are. You are not forgotten. I know where I am leading you. Let me tell you who you are so that you can do what your heart yearns to do.”

You see, without you rising up and taking your proper place, there are places in the body of

Christ that become susceptible to collapsing. Just like those giant houses in all their grandeur.

You are a pillar declaring the glory of God. There is no one that can declare His glory like you

can. There is not another pillar that can replace you. You are unique, you are needed, you are

accepted, you are important. You, at your worst are not enough to change God’s mind about your destiny and purpose.

This morning as I sip my ice coffee people watching at my local Starbucks I wonder if the

women I am watching know that they are created to be strong, to display the beauty of God, to live in fullness. My heart beats fast thinking of all the women reading this who may just grab a hold of their identity and ask God to reveal the truth about them in fullness. The ones who will not allow their past or even their present take them from what God wants to do with their futures. I believe that rescue has come or is on its way for you! I believe that you will find your footing and you will be a breathtaking picture of majesty and mystery! I believe you will cause all the earth to stop and look twice, and gaze up the beauty of your Architect.

By Lydia Kendall

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