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Our Mission

Rise is a non profit with a mission to embrace all women, provide education and resources to overcome the hardships they have faced, and empower them to live a life of self sufficiency.   

Our Heart

Our Vision

The Rise Organization ran a pilot rise home program for women and children in January

2022- May 2023. In that time we welcomed 12 women and children in a leased property. We not only provided a safe place to live but the services and support they need to heal. From groceries, classes, family time and more we surrounded them with a community of support! Our last mother and her children moved into an apartment in May! 


 The pilot program further ignited our passion even deeper and showed us what it truly takes to see lives changed. We are all in on securing a permanent home for Rise to impact lives for generations to come! 

The Rise leadership is continuing forward with our initiative to purchase a permanent property for the Rise Home for Women and Children in the next 18 months. Rise will continue to fulfill our mission to embrace, educate and empower women and children during this time with community events and projects and raise the funds for a permanent property! 

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